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Much of the content of this site is devoted to Joey Scouts , providing information for all and programming ideas for Scout leaders. Included within the Scouting section are examples of games , craft ideas , songs , rhymes , stories , activites and information catagorised in themes . Although this section has been designed with Scouting in mind the programs can be applied to many areas including childrens parties , holiday and educational activities .

Australiana Australiana and even more Australiana

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Virtual Australia

Jenna-Lee's page
Hi my name is Jenna-Lee , I am 11 years old I love fairies and unicorns , pegasus and tulips dragons and butterflies . I like to read , am learning the recorder , sing in the school choir , I also play primary school grass hockey and like going to Scouts , especially when we go on camping trips . Come and see my web pages and you will find out more about me , you can even send me email .
Alex's page
Hello everyone my name is Alex , I am 9 years old . I love computers and playstation games, pokemon trading game cards , animals and mud , going to Cub scouts and camping , climbing trees and roller blading . I like to play soccer , primary school grass hockey and football ( Aussie rules footy that is ! ) . I collect rocks too . Come and look at my web pages , send me an email , tell me about you and if you liked my pages Oh and I love POKEMON
Picture Gallery 2/10/99 This is us "the gang of three"
Scouts 26th October 2000
We are all involved in Scouts . This link will show you information about Australian Joey Scouts . Programing ideas for Joey ,Kea , Tiger and Beaver Scout Leaders , Songs we sing , games we play , places we go to and things we do .

You'll find games , stories , craft , songs , information about Aussie animals and birds

Programing section updated OCTOBER 2000 , now includes a Christmas theme with Aussie Christmas carols , North pole adventures , letters from Santa , and an interactive Christmas story , Mother's day craft ideas , Pokemon , Kangaroos , Native Americans , Olympic programing ideas and of course there's MORE !!

1st Lindisfarne Joey Scout Mob 26th October 2000
Home page of the 1st Lindisfarne Joey Scout Mob . we are a brand new Joey Scout Mob . Our 1st Mob meeting was held on the 1st of May 2000 . Our term program has been uploaded and very soon we will have pictures and adventures for you to share .

Follow this link to visit the home page of the 1st Lindisfarne Scout Group .

 Australiana October 2000
Would you like to know about the Australian flag , Australian Coat of Arms , Tasmanian flag , Tasmanian coat of arms , Australias official national anthem "Advance Australia fair" ( including audio clips) , our Unofficial national anthem "Waltzing Matilda" , The Eureka flag or maybe sit back and enjoy some words by Australia's beloved bush poet "Banjo Patterson" creator of Waltzing Matilda and the Man from Snowy river.

Even more Australiana included on these pages , now you can check out the weather in Tassie , sing some Aussie Christmas Carols , see our coins and more , come take a look.
A guide to Australian phrases
Want to learn to speak Straylien like a true blue , ridgy didge , dinki di Aussie ?
Well this is your lucky day , come right on in and learn a few native phrases

The key to unravelling some of the greatest mysteries of the Australian language lies with in ,
don't miss your chance to enjoy a truly cultural experience


Some of the phrases in this guide contain adult slang and
may be inappropriate for younger family members

Yowie's Bush Telegraph
All sorts of treasures for you to enjoy , nothing beats a good yarn !

Skins for ICQ
Spice up your ICQ windows with these lovely skins . All of the skins on these pages have been made by me , you are welcome to take what ever you like, they are FREE . If you do not have the program ICQ Plus , you can download it from this site . I hope you enjoy these skins , there are many many many many more just waiting for me to upload them so come back soon and often to see what's new

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