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No Joey Scout Program would be complete with out including a Kangaroo theme . These animals are a unique symbol of Australia , I learned a great deal while researching them . The Kangaroo theme was a great success with a visit to 'Bonorong Park' our local wildlife park as icing on the cake .


Information All sorts of interesting Roo facts , including information on the Red Kangaroo , the Forester or Eastern Grey Kangaroo and the Tree Kangaroo

Games A variety of Kangaroo games to play with your mob

Craft Good Deed Kangaroos , Kanga and Joey

Songs Six White Boomers , Tie me Kangaroo down Sport , A kangaroo A kangaroo

Stories , poems etc Dreamtime story 'How Kangaroo got her pouch' , 'The Joey who cried hunter ' , 'The duck and the kangaroo' and more ...

Activity Are you as tall as a Kangaroo ? Can you jump as far as a Kangaroo ?

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