J.O.T.I 2000

Jamboree Of The Internet
Hello and welcome to our JOTA greetings page.

We are the 1st Lindisfarne Joey Scout Mob
from Southern Tasmania in Australia
would like to say g'day to you all .
There are 21 Joey Scouts and 2 buddies in the Lindisfarne Mob ,
we have 2 leaders called Yowie and Trout and our
scout helper named Bilby.
We LOVE Joey Scouts!!!

If you would like to know more about us
visit our home page

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We would love to hear from you .
And so would the other Groups who pass through

Have a great time at JOTA/JOTI

Cheerio All

Oh and don't forget
there is a special chat channel set up in Mirc during JOTA
for all of you to visit it is called #miniscouts
and can be found on the DALnet server


Read some messages from other Joey Mobs

Hello everyone from all the Joeys and Scouters at Nhulunbuy Joey Scout Mob.

Nhulunbuy is on the Gove Peninsula in North Eastern Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory of Australia.

In our Mob we have 16 Joeys.. both boys and girls. We have loved meeting new friends this year through the Mob Hop Challenge and here are some pictures of us at the Bush Games we held recently. We received lovely golden joey medals and also a badge for participating.

Our Leaders are Lorikeet, Jacana and Baloo and our Youth Helper is Aquilla.

We hope to meet lots more friends through being on JOTI this weekend and we do hope you will come into the #miniscouts chat room on mirc DALnet and say hello to us during JOTI or drop us an email we would love to hear from you .

Bye for now

Nhulunbuy Joey Scout Mob



Greetings to you all from the Joey Scouts of the Hobart District in Tasmania, Australia.

We hope you all have a great time meeting other Scouts and making new friends during JOTA/JOTI . Here is a picture of our recent District Joey Scout Beach day , it was great fun and the leaders did not even have to jump in the water to rescue anyone ... (this time !!!)

Have a great JOTA , bye for now

Hobart District Joey Scouts





Hi everyone ,Glenorchy District Joey Scouts Tasmania would like to wish you all a fantastic JOTA weekend.

This is us having a fun day at the park , later on we went 10 pin bowling together that was great fun !

Happy Joey Scouting to you all


Hi my name is Matthew , I am a Lone Joey Scout in South Australia . This is me making my promise to my leader Kari when I was invested . Kari sends me my Joey work in the post.

I have been to Lone Scout Camp and also Act of Loyalty (Queen's Scout presentations at Government House) and the Gang Show

I hope you all have a great JOTA

You can send me an email at


Hello everybody, and greetings from the 8th Aldershot Beavers in England.
Aldershot is in the county of Hampshire, about 40 km from London our capital city.

In our colony we have 15 Beavers mainly boys but with a few girls as well.
Last January there were only 6 Beavers but since the summer the others have joined us.

We do lots of different things and often join in with fun days run by our district.
We always make friends and have fun and we hope that you will think of us as your friends as well.

from all the Beavers at the 8th Aldershot Scout Group

Keeo and Hawkeye


I'm a leader a local Beaver Colony here in Ottawa, Canada. Beavers are similar to your Joey cubs, but ours can be as young as 5. I think it's so cool to see other countries' programs! If any Australian Scouters would like to become penpals, I LOVE writing e-mail, and our Beavers do too. Happy Scouting! Tic-Tac (the squirrel), aka Michelle Chartrand. guinevere@travel-net.com


A big HELLO to 1st Lindisfarne Joey Scout Mob from the 1st HAMLYN HEIGHTS JOEY MOB

Victoria Australia . Come Visit Our Website







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